The end-of-life for Fabiola, who was unable to follow her self-chosen path – euthanasia. Since the seventies, living work-of-art Fabiola had a tremendous drive for freedom and the right to self-determination, frequently expressed via a variety of statements. The attention her striking appearance drew in the Amsterdam street and cultural scene focused media attention on […]

U1 Das Ewige Hin und her

U1 Das Ewige Hin und her U1 Berlin In its more than 100 year existence, the U1 metro line has had a turbulent and unique history. Interesting to see how after a decades long separation the metro networks are connected again; after the fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989 and the German […]

Being made one

Being made one ተዋሕዶ Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church 23 April 2011. The Orthodox Christians calculate the date of Easter differently, and therefore Whitsun too. The Ethiopian church, that ancient African church going back to around 300 AD, is also Orthodox. In Pernis, near Rotterdam, they came together for the ceremony from 10 o’clock in the […]